What are the Common Types of Construction Material?

Natural materials, fabric, concrete, cement, clay & mud and asphalt.

Types of Construction Material: Uses and Application

Building materials are the different types of materials that are used for construction purposes. Some of the common construction materials include wood, concrete, steel, cement, bricks, and metal. 

In this modern era, engineers use the efficient techniques of ‘mix and match’ to come up with the best construction material and build high-quality structures.

The overall choice of the construction material is highly dependent on the scale of the project and the effectiveness of the materials. 

Generally, it is critical to choose the right kind of construction material to ensure the longevity and quality of the building.

Even if you are using the services of the most proficient construction team but low-quality construction material, there is a very high chance that various issues will arise in the building. 

A major reason why people choose alternative construction materials is to save money. However, the long-term disadvantages of cheap construction material are far more dangerous than spending money on quality construction material. 

Types of Construction Materials 

There are many different types of building materials being used as construction materials in Malaysia. Let’s discuss these construction materials one by one:

1. Natural Materials

Natural construction material means those building materials that are not or minimally processed. Lumber and glass are two of the most popular examples of natural construction materials. Similarly, mud, stone, and fibrous plants are also often used in building homes. 

Nowadays, construction teams combine these three types of construction materials to provide maximum strength and durability to the buildings. Products like mud also act as natural insulation to the building. 

2. Fabric

The fabric was once highly popular in building tents. In modern times, the fabric is used in new construction techniques to develop tensile architecture. Fabric is also used in steel cable systems in large-scale buildings, especially commercial plazas. 

3. Concrete

Concrete is a highly popular construction material in Malaysia and all over the world. Most commercial buildings and industrial areas use concrete because it gives strength and durability to the structures. Concrete is fundamentally a composite material made from cement and aggregate

An important thing to note about concrete is that it has a low tensile strength, so it is usually strengthened by enforcing steel rods or rebars. Moreover, special focus is placed on reducing any air bubbles because they end up weakening the concrete.

Therefore, it is highly important for the builders to carefully handle the process of pouring concrete in construction and use vibrators to get rid of the air bubbles.

4. Cement

Cement composites are used to provide much-needed strength to buildings. They are now being used in 3D construction.

Moreover, the cement composites are now made of hydrated cement paste that facilitates the process of binding with wood, concrete, or other suitable construction material. 

5. Clay and mud

Clay and mud are natural construction materials modern builders use to create different types and styles of buildings and bring innovation and flexibility. Such construction material in Malaysia is often used with other major building materials so that the overall quality of the construction is improved. 

Nowadays, a mechanical pneumatic compressor is used to process clay and enhance the quality of the soil. Clay also acts as a natural HVAC system in buildings. As a result, both mud and clay are finding newfound popularity in this modern era. 

6. Asphalt

Asphalt can be found in many different types of construction processes because it is a highly versatile material perfect for building driveways, footpaths, roads, and parking areas. Moreover, asphalt is also used to waterproof walls, surfaces, and residential roofing. 

Architects also often use asphalt to construct dams, parks, reservoirs, and other such large-scale projects. Asphalt holds great significance to the farmers because they are used to line the bottom of the retention ponds and raise fish in livestock containment pens. It is an ideal solution for flood control and soil erosion as well. 

In Summary

There are many different types of construction materials in Malaysia and all over the world. Different materials serve different purposes and can be used to construct various parts of a building like walls, cabinets, windows, and doors. 

Therefore, the ultimate choice of the construction material depends on the kind of building you are constructing. It is important to choose a suitable material because it affects the quality of the building and the success of the overall project as well.